Bagni di Masino







List of Problems

Bagni di Masino
Bagni di Masino

List of Problems

Area overview

Bagni di Masino, located in Italy, is renowned for its stunning granite and challenging climbing boulders. It's a hidden gem for climbing enthusiasts, famous for its natural beauty and demanding rock formations. The best times to visit are spring and autumn.

Videos 55
Rock type Gneiss
Altitude 1231m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Belverede 25
Coda del Dinosauro 1
Ersaf 19
I tornanti 8
La Foresta 2

List of Problems


La Foresta


I tornanti


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Apiggli Ridicoli 7a+ Belverede
Aria Giovanni 7b Ersaf
August Underground 7a+ Belverede
Baby 7b I tornanti
Baby Bestiale 7c+ I tornanti
Barba Bianca 7c Coda del Dinosauro
Barlume Unknown Belverede
Bestiale 8a I tornanti
Blu Sky 7b/+ La Foresta
Bob Sinclair 7a+ Ersaf
Brown Sugar 8a+ I tornanti
Concordia direct 6c Ersaf
Dave Jump 7a Ersaf
El Coche 6b Belverede
Fessura del Ketty 5a Ersaf
Grand'albero 8a (sit) Belverede
Guinea Pig 7b Belverede
Il Druido 6c+ Belverede
Il Sogno di un Uomo Ridicolo 8a Belverede
Il re dei lemuri Unknown Ersaf
L'Onda 5c Belverede
L'elicottero 7a Belverede
La Chiave 7a+ Belverede
La Chiavica 8a Belverede
La Danza della Morte 7b Ersaf
La Fessura Sinuosa 4b Ersaf
Lady Red 7b Ersaf
Lady Red Plus 7c Ersaf
Little Karma 8a (sit) Belverede
Little Karma 7c/+ Belverede
Lo Spiovente 6a+ Ersaf
Long 7c I tornanti
Long nights 7c I tornanti
Make Up 6b Ersaf
Max's Wall 6c Ersaf
Mk14.1 5b Ersaf
Oscurità 7b+ Belverede
Oscurità * 7c Belverede
Peppa Pig 6b (sit) Belverede
Placca Ele 5c Ersaf
Pocoyo 6c+ (sit) Belverede
Problem A (La Ravanata) 6a Belverede
Problem A (La Sfinge) 7a Ersaf
Problem B (Aria Giovanni) 5b Ersaf
Problem B (La Ravanata) 5c Belverede
Problem C (Aria Giovanni) 6a Ersaf
Problem C (Sasso Riscaldamento, Belverede) 5c Belverede
Problem D (La Ravanata) 6c (sit) Belverede
Problem D (Sasso Riscaldamento, Belverede) 4c Belverede
Sall On Me 7c+ La Foresta
Short for Baby Extension 7a+ I tornanti
Spigolo Rudi 6b Ersaf
Superiore 7a Belverede
Traversata del Diamond 8a I tornanti
Wild Face 7b+ Belverede