Black Mountain







List of Problems

Black Mountain
Black Mountain

List of Problems

Area overview

Black Mountain, located in San Diego County, is famous for its high-quality granite boulders and challenging routes. With a climate that supports year-round climbing, it's a favorite destination for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

Videos 79
Rock type Granite
Altitude 2291m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Boulder Basin 12
Boulder Basin, Central Basin 1
Groupsites 5
Ok Corral 3
Summit 17
Summit, Facemat Area 1
Unknown 40

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Adamantium V10 Summit
All Alone Together V8 Unknown
Big Greeny V1 Boulder Basin
Black Moth Super Rainbow V6 Unknown
Brotherhood V10 Unknown
Brute Us V10 Unknown
Buttermilk Face Right V5 Summit
Buzzsaw V10 Boulder Basin, Central Basin
Can Opener V7 Summit
Captain America V8 Boulder Basin
Captain's Junk V6 Unknown
Center Visor V6 Summit
Choss Boss V8 Summit
Consumption Junction V6 Unknown
Cracker Boy V7 Summit
Crimp Overhang V6 Unknown
Dead Bug V4 Boulder Basin
Der Kapitan V12 (low) Unknown
Derailed V5 Summit
Dihedral V8 Unknown
Dream Tiger V11 (low) Unknown
El Brute V6 Boulder Basin
Electric Lady V5 Groupsites
Face Meat Dyno V5 Summit
Fallen Arch Arete V6 Unknown
Flower Pot Dyno V1 Unknown
Forms V8 Unknown
Four-Fifths Face V7 Groupsites
Garden of Forking Paths V12 Unknown
Glow Worm V12 Unknown
God is Dead V6 Unknown
God is Dead V7 (low) Unknown
Happy Hour V11 Unknown
I Animal V10 Summit
Lip Service V8 Unknown
Lobo V8 OK Corral
Loh Roof V8 Ok Corral
Los Ojos V6 Unknown
Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down V10 Unknown
Lower NRA V5 Summit
Master Roof V8 Unknown
Meat Face V4 Summit
Mega Ghost V6 OK Corral
Megalomania V8 Boulder Basin
Moondrops V6 Boulder Basin
Morning Again V8 Summit
Moroccan Roll V5 Boulder Basin
Mountain Money V6 Unknown
NRA V6 Summit
Not my trash V11 Unknown
Once Upon a Time V1 Summit
Parachute Problem V10 Unknown
Poon Star V9 Unknown
Pops Scotch V10 Unknown
Right Way V10 Unknown
Ring Wraith V7 Unknown
Ruination V8 (sit) Summit
Ruination V6 Summit, Facemat Area
Saddle Traverse V4 Unknown
Scarpetta V9 Unknown
Shelf Life V5 Unknown
Shoot The Moon V10 Unknown
Showtime V8 Unknown
Sombrero V8 Unknown
SpareRib V0 Unknown
Stone Face Left V5 Boulder Basin
The 8th Dimension V8 Summit
The A-Team V8 Boulder Basin
The Chief V4 Groupsites
The Moth V6 Boulder Basin
Time Trial V9 Unknown
Tour De France V7 Boulder Basin
Town Square Arete V6 Groupsites
Up Dog V4 Unknown
Up Up and Away V7 Unknown
Vegan Shoveler V7 Groupsites
Way Too High V6 Boulder Basin
We Have Killed Him V7 Unknown
Wildcat V8 Summit