Buttermilk Country







List of Problems

Buttermilk Country
Buttermilk Country

List of Problems

Area overview

Buttermilk Country, nestled in California, USA, is an iconic bouldering destination. Its massive glacial erratic boulders offer a playground of slopers, crimps, and cracks. Climbers flock here year-round, with fall being the prime season, for the allure of world-class problems and scenic beauty.

Videos 54
Rock type Igneous
Altitude 1952m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Bardini Boulders 1
Buttermilks Main 18
Dal'es Camp 1
Dale's Camp 2
Get Carter 2
Get Carter Boulder 1
Main 18
Peabody Boulders 1
Pollen Grains 5
Unknown 6

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
A Scanner Darkly V12 Get Carter
Ambrosia V11 Peabody Boulders
Birthday Direct V3 Main
Bowling Pin V4 Buttermilks Main
Bowling Pin V6 (sit) Buttermilks Main
Buttermilk Stem V4 (sit) Unknown
Change of Heart V6 Buttermilks Main
Checkerboard V8 Unknown
Cheezy Brit V7 (sit) Unknown
Cindy Swank V7 Pollen Grains
Cocktail Sauce V8 Main
Cocktail Sauce V8 Main
Croft Problem V8 Unknown
Devoted V8 Main
Drone Militia V6 Pollen Grains
Evilution to the Lip V10 Main
Flyboy V8 (sit) Buttermilks Main
Flyboy Arete V5 Buttermilks Main
Get Carter V7 Get Carter
Gleaming the Cube V8 (sit) Main
Gleaming the Cube V5 Main
Gleaming the Tube V2 Main
Go Granny Go Right Finish V5 Buttermilks Main
Green Wall Center V6 Buttermilks Main
Green Wall Essential V2 Buttermilks Main
High Plains Drifter V7 Buttermilks Main
Iron Man Traverse V4 Buttermilks Main
Jedi Mind Tricks V4 Pollen Grains
Judge Not V9 Unknown
Junior's Achievement V7-8 Buttermilks Main
Lululator V8 (low) Main
Milk the Milks V6 Main
Mini Me V9 Main
Moonraker V8 Main
Pain Grain V7 (sit) Buttermilks Main
Perfectly Chicken V5 Buttermilks Main
Problem 3 (Boy and Girl Rocks) V0 Buttermilks Main
Robinson's Rubber Tester V0 Main
Saigon V6 Main
Seven Spanish Angels (aka The Ruckus) V6 Get Carter Boulder
Smooth Shrimp V6 Main
Solitaire V8 Unknown
Soul Slinger V9 Buttermilks Main
Southwest Arete Unknown Buttermilks Main
Stained Glass V10 Main
Suspended in Silence V7 Pollen Grains
Swanky V9 (sit) Pollen Grains
The Flake V7 Dal'es Camp
The Hunk V2 Buttermilks Main
The Mandala V12 Main
The Prow V2 Buttermilks Main
This Side of Paradise V9 Bardini Boulders
Unnamed Homeless Slab VB Main
Xavier's Roof V11 Dale's Camp
Zen Flute V10 Dale's Camp