Can Camps







List of Problems

Can Camps
Can Camps

List of Problems

Area overview

Can Camps, a small hidden gem in the bouldering world near Barcelona, is known for its scenic surroundings and granite rock formations. Climbers flock to this area for its unique midlevel boulder problems that range from delicate balance to dynamic moves. The cooler months of winter and spring are the prime seasons to explore Can Camps.

Videos 83
Rock type Granite
Altitude 496m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Masia 18
Turó 4
Unknown 61

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Alfil 6a+ (sit) Masia
Arritmia 6a+ Masia
Bucket List 5 Unknown
Butterfly 5 Unknown
Canvi de Dimensió 6a+ Unknown
Cop de mall 6a+ (sit) Masia
Cor a foc 6a Masia
Crank 5 Unknown
Crank II 4+ (sit) Unknown
Crimpless 6a Masia
De salat a agri 6b Unknown
Debris 4 Unknown
Dipòsit d'arbres 6b Unknown
Doble Pedra 5 Unknown
Dr. FaMal 6a+ Unknown
Dues regletes i un destí 6b+ Masia
Eclosió 5 Unknown
Efecte papallona 6c Unknown
El casquet volador 5+ Unknown
El cigronet 6b+ Unknown
El cigronet Junior 5 Unknown
El cor trencat 6b Unknown
El drac 6a+ Unknown
El granit no perdona 6a+ Masia
El llom 6a Unknown
Escac i mat 6b Unknown
Escletxa inacabada 5 Unknown
Fisicalsaurus 6a Unknown
Fisicalsaurus Direct 6b Unknown
Hell Patrol 6b Masia
Interferència 6a Unknown
Jazzne Granit 5 Unknown
La Butxaca Màgica 5 (sit) Unknown
La Butxaca Màgica Directe 5 Unknown
La Geneta 4 Unknown
La Nevera 5 (sit) Masia
La Placa de Babord 5+ Unknown
La babosa dislèxica 6b+ Unknown
La bufetada 6a+ Unknown
La caputxa 6a (sit) Unknown
La caputxa 4+ Unknown
La lenta agonia 6c Unknown
La mandíbula 4 Unknown
La trave de l'Escórpora 5 Unknown
La trave de l'Escórpora Extended 5 Unknown
Lacasitos 6a Masia
Les esquerdes 5 Turó
Les parences enganyen 6a Masia
Llepada fanàtica 6b Unknown
Mal d'altura 4+ Unknown
Mal de Cap 6b Unknown
Malabars 6a Unknown
Mini Szpako 3+ Unknown
Montnegre air line 6a Masia
Nautilus 5 Unknown
Nervi alveolar 4+ Unknown
No facis trampa 4+ Unknown
Ou de drac 6b Unknown
Painkiller 6a+ Masia
Pendent Mortal 6c Unknown
Pols en suspensió 6a Masia
Popa 4+ Masia
Proactivitat 6a+ Turó
Ramus 5 Unknown
Release the Kraken 6a Turó
Roza y goza 4+ Unknown
Rubik 5+ Unknown
Slopers to Heaven 6b+ Unknown
Sloppy Heel 5 Unknown
Sloppy Moss 6a+ Unknown
Staham 6a (sit) Masia
Terreny feréstec 4 Unknown
The Italian Job 6c Unknown
The sky is the limit 5 Unknown
The sky is the limit Direct 6a Unknown
Trave Szpako 5 Unknown
Trave de Rubik 6a Unknown
Trave de Rubik extended 6a+ Masia
Trave de la geneta 6a (sit) Turó
Trave del Cub 6b Unknown
Triple Vèrtex 5+ Unknown
Vistge Còsmic 6b (sit) Masia
Wavelenght 4 Unknown