El Escorial







List of Problems

El Escorial
El Escorial

List of Problems

Area overview

Located near Madrid, El Escorial boasts an array of granite boulders set amid tranquil surroundings. Climbers are drawn to this area to conquer its intricate problems and technical challenges. Known for its moderate temperatures, it's a year-round bouldering haven.

Videos 18
Rock type Granite
Altitude 1030m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Casa del Sordo 2
Cetáceos 2
Paralíticos 2
Unknown 12

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Al Pacino 7B Unknown
Atacao de Nemours 7B Cetaceos
Bloqueoso 7A+ Casa del Sordo
Control machete 7C+ Unknown
Doctor Enanos 7B+ Unknown
El Alocao 7A Unknown
El Anticristo 7C+ Unknown
El Conguito 7A Unknown
El Pufo 7A Unknown
El Yunque 7A Casa del Sordo
El Ángulo Perfecto 7B+ Unknown
Flety Chety 7B Unknown
Hostia Mortal 6C Unknown
La arista del castañar 7A Paralíticos
La arista del castañar 7B (sit) Paralíticos
Matinal Tapioca 7B Unknown
Moby Dick 7A Cetáceos
Techo de los Pitufos Stand 7B Unknown