Gold Bar







List of Problems

Gold Bar
Gold Bar

List of Problems

Area overview

Gold Bar, located in Washington State, is famous for its granite boulders that attract climbers from far and wide. The area offers a mix of features, from technical crimps to classic slopers. Climbers favor the cooler months, and Gold Bar has earned its reputation as a top-notch bouldering destination.

Videos 27
Rock type Granite
Altitude 144m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Clearcut 1
Forest 14
Grand Line 3
Rieter Foothills 2
Unknown 7

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
BMOC V2 Forest
Beam Me Up V2 Forest
Bricklayer V2 Rieter Foothills
Doja V7 Unknown
Frequent Flyer V2 Forest
Hagakure V8 Forest
Less of a Super Hero Thing V7 Unknown
Luffy V3 Grand Line
Metroid Prime V6 Forest
Midnight lichen V4 Forest
One Piece V0 Grand Line
Red Rover V7 Unknown
Road to Zion V5 Forest
Scotty V1 Forest
Shanks V3 Grand Line
Shortstop V2 Forest
So It Seams V2 Forest
Sobriosity V6 Unknown
Stinkin' Slopers V5 Forest
Stinkin' Slopers Variation V4 Forest
Summer Solstice V3 Clearcut
The Button V3 Forest
The Catcher V0 Forest
The Five Star Lip V2 Unknown
Water V6 Unknown
World Government V1 Unknown
World's Best V7 Rieter Foothills