Hueco Tanks







List of Problems

Hueco Tanks
Hueco Tanks

List of Problems

Area overview

Hueco Tanks in Texas is renowned for its world-class bouldering. The park's unique formations and ample pockets make it a global draw, with winter being the ideal time to visit.

Videos 35
Rock type Iron Rock
Altitude 1431m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
East Mountain 9
East Spur 7
North Mountain 16
West Mountain 2

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Animal Acts V5 West Mountain
Animal Acts Direct V6 West Mountain
Baby Martini V6 North Mountain
Bad Religion V8 East Spur
Big Nose Milley V9 North Mountain
Choir Boys Lite V7 North Mountain
Crown of Aragorn V13 East Spur
Daily Dick Dose V7 North Mountain
Dragonfly V5 East Mountain
Full Service V10 East Mountain
Ghetto Simulator V2 North Mountain
Girls of Texas V5 North Mountain
Hector in a Blender V7 East Mountain
Hobbit in a Blender V5 East Mountain
Jigsaw Puzzle V5 East Spur
Li Stand V7 East Mountain
Lobster Claw V5 North Mountain
McBain V8 North Mountain
Mexican Chicken V6 North Mountain
Moonshine Roof Center V4 East Mountain
Moonshine Roof Right V5 East Mountain
New Religion V7 East Spur
Nobody Here Gets Out Alive V2 North Mountain
Sign of the Choss V4 North Mountain
Sign of the Cross V3 North Mountain
Sign of the Cross low V3-4 North Mountain
Speed Bump V7 North Mountain
Strip Show Faux Pas V1 East Spur
T-Bone Shuffle V4 North Mountain
That Hi-Pro Glow V6 East Spur
This Is Your Brain On Drugs V9 East Spur
Uncut Yogi V6 East Mountain
Warm Up Roof V4 East Mountain
Wicicala Cave V5 North Mountain