Joe's Valley







List of Problems

Joe's Valley
Joe's Valley

List of Problems

Area overview

Joe's Valley, in Utah, is a quartzite paradise with a wide range of problems. Its popularity is due to ideal conditions in the fall and spring. Unique boulders and a friendly community make Joe's Valley a renowned bouldering destination.

Videos 127
Rock type Quartzite
Altitude 1996m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Area 51 1
Cabin Fever 1
Dairy Canyon 1
Left Fork 38
New Joe's 22
Right Fork 58
Right Sign Area 1
Unknown 3

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
All You Sinners V6 Right Fork
Anatomy Act V7 Left Fork
Antaeus V5 Right Fork
Apple Bottom Jeans V10 Right Fork
Arma V5 Left Fork
Baldwin Bash V7 Right Fork
Barely Legal V11 Right Fork
Beyond Life V10 Left Fork
Big Boy V7 New Joe's
Big Cheesy V5 Left Fork
Big Joe V7 Left Fork
Boysize V7 New Joe's
Bring the Heatwole V7 Left Fork
Bubbatronic V9 New Joe's
Champagne Supernova V9 Right Fork
Chips V7 New Joe's
Contact V5 New Joe's
Cook the Patty V6 Right Fork
Cook the Patty V6 Right Fork
Cosmos V8 Right Fork
Counter Clockwork V11 Right Fork
Crescent Moon V2 Right Fork
Cue Ball V5 New Joe's
Dark Continent V7 Left Fork
Death Scream V10 Right Fork
Dirty Harry V7 Right Fork
Double Delicious V6 Right Fork
Dungeon Master V9 Right Fork
Dunkin’ Donuts Variation V6 Left Fork
Dyno Time Low V7 Right Fork
Eden V10 Left Fork
Electric Fence V7 Cabin Fever
Entrance Exam V8 New Joe's
Eurosize V5 New Joe's
External Tulips V7 Left Fork
Fanstasy Factory V8 Right Fork
Feels Like Grit V8 Left Fork
Fig Fart V5 New Joe's
Finger Hut V10 Right Fork
Fortune Cookie V3 Right Fork
Foxy Whore V9 Unknown
Frosted Flakes V5 Right Fork
G207 V7 Left Fork
Ghost King V11 New Joe's
Great White V6 Right Fork
Gurkha Knife V9 Left Fork
Hand of Doom V6 Right Fork
Heartless V6 Left Fork
I'd Rather Be Climbing Her V6 New Joe's
Jarash V6 Left Fork
Jarash V6 Left Fork
Killa Bees V7 Right Fork
Kobra Khan V4 Left Fork
Kung Fu Theatre V7 Right Fork
Kung Fury V10 Right Fork
Lady Hips V7 New Joe's
Loc-Nar V8 Right Fork
Low Tide V6 Left Fork
Lumberjack V8 Left Fork
Mars attacks V5 Unknown
Master Po V6 Right Fork
Mono E Mono V4 Right Fork
Mononoke V7 Right Fork
Mr. Duck V7 Left Fork
Near Beers V5 Left Fork
Nerve Extension V10- Left Fork
Ninja Please V7 Right Fork
No Substance V8 Right Fork
North Arete V6 New Joe's
O Face V5 Right Fork
Pandemic V7 Right Fork
Phony Baloney Traverse V7 New Joe's
Pilot Light V6 Right Fork
Pitbull V6 New Joe's
Planet of Apes V7 New Joe's
Playmate of the Year V9 Right Fork
Playtime Is Over V9 New Joe's
Pocket Rocket V6 New Joe's
Poricini or Portabello V7 Right Fork
Poseidon V8 Right Fork
Projectile Dysfunction V8 Unknown
Proppa Dyno V5 Right Fork
Rabbit Fur V6 Right Fork
Raiden V6 Left Fork
Rawhide V6 Right Fork
Reduced Fat Milk V7 Left Fork
Renaissance Man V9 Left Fork
Resident Evil V10 New Joe's
Rug Rat V5 Right Fork
Runt V7 Right Fork
SPAM V6-7 New Joe's
Scary Monsters V6 Left Fork
Scrawny and Brawny V8 Right Fork
Self Service V4 New Joe's
Shadow of Death V7 (sit) Left Fork
Shaolin Slab V4 Right Fork
Shark Bait V6 Right Fork
Smokin' Joe V9 Left Fork
Speak of the Devil V7 Right Fork
Stand Up V8 Area 51
Stand Up Comedian V5 Right Fork
Stir The Pie V8 Dairy Canyon
Streaked V6+ Left Fork
Sun in My Eye Traverse V6 New Joe's
Sunshine Daydream V7 Right Sign Area
Superman V4 Left Fork
Team Effort V9 Right Fork
The Angler V2 Left Fork
The Coaster V7 Right Fork
The Dead Sea aka Black Sea V8 Left Fork
The Flu V8 Right Fork
The Hulk V8 Right Fork
The Wind Below V7 Left Fork
Thor's Hammer V7 Right Fork
Three Amigos V8 Right Fork
Trent's Mom V10 Left Fork
Tubesnake Boogie V8 Left Fork
Vertical Ice V6 Right Fork
Walrus V5 Right Fork
Water Paintings V7 Right Fork
White Buffalo V8 Right Fork
Wills Afire V6 Left Fork
Worst Case Scenario V9 Left Fork
Wrecking Ball V8 Left Fork
Zatoichi V8 Right Fork