Joshua Tree







List of Problems

Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree

List of Problems

Area overview

Joshua Tree, in California, is famous for its granite boulders and desert landscape. The winter season is the best time to climb here. Joshua Tree's uniqueness and classic routes have drawn climbers from around the world.

Videos 68
Rock type Granite
Altitude 1288m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Central 16
Central - Lonesome Crowded West 1
Central - Planet X 2
Hidden Valley 16
Lost Horse 1
Quail Springs 2
Queen Valley 5
Unknown 25

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
4-Star Dyno V6 Queen Valley
Alexandria V6 Unknown
Any Name But Sue V7 Unknown
Betty Jo Yablonski V0 Hidden Valley
Bittersweet V9 Hidden Valley
Blood Diamond V10 Unknown
Body and Soul V5 Queen Valley
Broken Flowers V7 Unknown
Broken Flowers V9 Unknown
Caveman V7 Hidden Valley
Caveman Finish V3 Hidden Valley
Chasm Gasm V3 Unknown
Chili Sauce V7 Central
Claude Funstun V5 Unknown
Dab Rig V7 Unknown
Dark Matter V9 Queen Valley
Digital Black V10 Central
Doctor Brown V10 Unknown
Dodging Bullets V9 Unknown
Doesn't Matter V7 Queen Valley
Dream Sequence V6 Quail Springs
Dreaming of the Master V8 Central
False Hueco Traverse V2 Central
False Hueco Traverse V2 Hidden Valley
False Up 20 V0 Hidden Valley
Feel The Grit V5 Unknown
Finger Fetish V8 Central
Flight Attendant V4 Unknown
Igneous Ambiance V7 Central
K.D. Supreme V4 Quail Springs
Little Black Book V9-10 Unknown
Little Chucky V4 Hidden Valley
Lost and Found V8 Central
Mantle The Martian V5 Unknown
Meadows Direct V6 Central
Mulligan Variation V8 Central
Nicole Face V4 Unknown
Nicole Overhang V6 Central - Planet X
Penguins in Bondage V4 Lost Horse
Planet X V6 Central
Poop Emoji V4 Unknown
Psyche V4 Unknown
Pumping Monzonite V7 Unknown
Rail Shark V11 Unknown
Raspberry V6 Central
Roof Romp V4 Hidden Valley
Ryan's roof V5 Central
Saturday Night Live V4 Hidden Valley
Saxwing on the DL V5 Central
Scatterbrain V6 Hidden Valley
Scorpion Roof V6 Unknown
Scrambled Legs V5 Unknown
Secret Samurai V4 Central
Skimbles V6 Unknown
Slashface V3 Queen Valley
So High V5 Hidden Valley
Strawberry Contraceptives V7 Central - Planet X
The Heart V4 Unknown
The Inquisition V6 Central - Lonesome Crowded West
The Love Machine V10 Central
The Yogi V9 Unknown
Thin Lizzie V8 Hidden Valley
Tidal Wave V9 Hidden Valley
Up 40 V3 Central
Vicarious V10 Unknown
White Rastafarian V2 Hidden Valley
Yabo Roof Traverse V4 Hidden Valley
Youth Body Explosion V11 Hidden Valley