La Comarca







List of Problems

La Comarca
La Comarca

List of Problems

Area overview

La Comarca, located in Catalonia, Spain, is famous for its compact sandstone offering both physical and technical climbing experiences. With hard problems up to 8C, it's a great place for beginners and seasoned climbers alike. The best seasons are spring and autumn, characterized by vibrant colors and a beautiful setting.

Videos 67
Rock type Sandstone
Altitude 503m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Bloc de la Cova 1
Cova del Còdol 3
Unknown 62

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Adictes 6a Unknown
Alberto's Boulder 5+ Unknown
Alberto's Boulder 6a+ Unknown
Anís del mono Unknown Unknown
Ayurveda 7b+ Unknown
Azar & Kaos 7b Unknown
Boira Unknown Unknown
Boira Low Unknown Unknown
Buda 7a+ Unknown
Bulder del Kueka Direct 7b Unknown
Computer Love 7b Unknown
Computer Love Direct 7c Unknown
Dharma 7a+ Unknown
Door to the Wild 8a+ Cova del Còdol
Double Bobble 8b+ Unknown
Duggati suggati 6b+ Unknown
El Tobogan del Ter 6c Unknown
El bloc de l'Stephan 7b Unknown
El bloc de l'Stephan 7c (sit) Unknown
El club de los poetas muertos 7c Unknown
El club de los poetas muertos Extension 8a? Unknown
El precio del magnesio II 6a+ Unknown
Fisical 6c Unknown
Guerilla's crack 6a+ Unknown
Hiperlaxitud 6b+ Unknown
Kaos 7a (sit) Unknown
Kerala 8a Unknown
King of ganja 6b+ Bloc de la Cova
Krishna direct 7a (sit) Unknown
L'estalquer 6c+ Unknown
La comarca 6b+ Unknown
La sorpresa del chef 7a Unknown
La vida es Krishna 7a Unknown
La vida es boulder 7a Unknown
Los invasores 4+ Unknown
Mentalmente imperfecto 5 Unknown
Menú: familia feliz 6b+ Unknown
Modus Operandi 8b/+ Unknown
Modus Vivendi 8a Unknown
Nómadas 7c+ Unknown
Padsamanbhaba 7b Unknown
Problem 1 (Bloque del Camino Caído) 5 Unknown
Problem 3 5+ Unknown
Problem 3 (La Tortuga) 7b? (sit) Unknown
Problem 4 (Bloque del Camino Caído) 4+? Unknown
Problem 8 (La Tortuga) Unknown Unknown
Problem 8 Low (La Tortuga) Unknown Unknown
Putas F.As 7b+/c Unknown
Romeo y regleta sit Unknown Unknown
Sahasrara 7c Unknown
Salsa roquera 6b Unknown
Samadhi 7a+ Unknown
Samsara 6b+ (sit) Unknown
Samsara 6b Unknown
Samsara traverse 7b+ Unknown
Sila 7c+ Unknown
Smash the hole 8b Unknown
Somnis de Primavera 7b Cova del Còdol
Somnis de Primavera 7a+ Cova del Còdol
Somnis de Primavera 6c Unknown
Swing 6b Unknown
Tantra 6b+ Unknown
Technical 6b Unknown
The Shire 8b+ Unknown
Tio caga 7c Unknown
Trave traviesa 6b+ Unknown