Lake Tahoe







List of Problems

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

List of Problems

Area overview

Lake Tahoe in California draws climbers with high-quality granite and diverse routes. It's popular in spring and fall, providing diverse challenges and a scenic outdoor experience.

Videos 109
Rock type Granite
Altitude 1904m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Boreal 1
Camouflage Forest 1
Caples Lake 2
Castle Boulder 3
Castle Peak 2
Coldstream Canyon 5
Donner/Truckee - Castle Peak 1
Echoland 5
Firestones 1
Hate Handles 1
Kirkwood 1
Kirkwood Lake 1
Lake Audrain 2
Lost World 1
Luther Pass 1
Mineral Bar 4
Phantom Spires 5
Prison Hill 1
Ronin 1
Stud Garden 1
Sugar Pine 1
Sugarloaf 3
Unknown 2
Voodoo Stones 2
Woods Lake 4
Zephyrs 1

List of Problems




List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Air Trojan V7 Castle Boulder
American Ninja Warrior V9 Echoland
Ashy To Classy V9 (sit) Kirkwood Lake
Bird Dog V7 Sugarloaf
Black Jettas V9 Luther Pass
Blackalicious V8 Boreal
Blackmail V8 Castle Peak
Bodhi V8 Coldstream Canyon
Bubble Bath V9 (sit) Mineral Bar
Bumpy Prow V7 Phantom Spires
Bunny Funeral V8 Castle Boulder
Buttload of Sausage V8 Woods Lake
Buttload of Sausage V8 Woods Lake
Calmer than you are V7 Woods Lake
Crystal Harvester V9 Echoland
Deer Creek Arete V9 Unknown
Demon on a Leash V10 Lost World
Dire Wolf V8 Sugar Pine
Double Dragon V9 Ronin
Down Syndrome V8 Donner/Truckee - Castle Peak
Dragon Tooth V8 Echoland
Dynamo V9 Coldstream Canyon
Enter the Dragon V8 Unknown
Excalibur V7 Caples Lake
Fallen Leaf V9 Voodoo Stones
Globetrotter V9 (sit) Lake Audrain
Handle Bar Moustache V9 Hate Handles
Human Math V7 Camouflage Forest
It’s A Boy V10 Firestones
Kids These Days V8 Coldstream Canyon
Master Blaster V9 (low) Echoland
Master Blaster V10 (sit) Phantom Spires
Peace of Mind V7 Zephyrs
Piano Man V7 Sugarloaf
Pit and the Pendulum V8 Castle Boulder
Polaski Arete V10 Sugarloaf
Prisoner on the Roof V8 Prison Hill
Prospector’s Roof V9 Mineral Bar
Pure Gold V10 (low) Voodoo Stones
Raging Buhl V9 Kirkwood
Secret Roof V10 Phantom Spires
Secret Roof V8 Phantom Spires
Seth Carter V9 Mineral Bar
Sierra Pinstripe V9 Coldstream Canyon
Smooth Operator V8 Lake Audrain
Stepbrother V9 Phantom Spires
Tahoe House V10 Stud Garden
The Best Crack V9 Castle Peak
The Slug V9 Echoland
Vince Carter V10 Mineral Bar
Vitamin D V9 Caples Lake
Where the red fern grows V11 Coldstream Canyon
Zun Zun V8 Woods Lake