Little Cottonwood Canyon







List of Problems

Little Cottonwood Canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon

List of Problems

Area overview

Little Cottonwood Canyon is a climbing mecca in Utah. With its high-quality granite and a wide variety of routes, it's cherished by climbers from all over the world. The summer season is ideal, but fall and spring also offer excellent conditions.

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Rock type Granite
Altitude 1672m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Secret Garden 1
Unknown 36

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
1 in the Chamber V6 Unknown
All Thumbs V10 Unknown
Angry Little Monster V7 Unknown
Bear Hug V8 Unknown
Blindspot V8 Unknown
Blue Steel V8 Unknown
Burly V7 Secret Garden
Cattleguard V6 Unknown
Cronin's Egg V8 Unknown
Crystal Pinch V6 Unknown
Euro Roof V10 Unknown
Face Off V6 Unknown
Face Off Right V8 Unknown
Fat Grips V8 Unknown
First Down V7 Unknown
Good Listener V9 Unknown
Handsome Jansen V6 Unknown
Matt's Cave V7 Unknown
Mini Maisch V7 Unknown
Nest Egg V9 (sit) Unknown
Nest Egg V7 Unknown
Orange Crush V6 Unknown
Physicality V7 Unknown
Prowler V7 Unknown
Shingles V9 Unknown
Summertime Blues V7 Unknown
Superchunk V10 Unknown
Superfly V8 Unknown
Surprise V8 Unknown
The Buzz V7 Unknown
The Minch V7 Unknown
Tiger Snake Venom V9 Unknown
Toolshed V7 Unknown
Warm Up Dyno V6 Unknown
Whiskey V7 Unknown
Wormography V6 Unknown
Wrist Rocket V9 Unknown