Pont de Camps







List of Problems

Pont de Camps
Pont de Camps

List of Problems

Area overview

Pont de Camps, nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees, is a bouldering paradise renowned for its rugged granite formations. Climbers are drawn to its technical challenges, abundant cracks, and breathtaking mountain vistas. The area is most popular in summer, offering cool temperatures and a tranquil alpine setting.

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Rock type Granite
Altitude 1281m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
46b Sit 6
Alta Embriaguez 6
El Bosque 9
Four Rooms 9
Still Young 2

List of Problems


El Bosque

Still Young

Alta Embriaguez

Four Rooms

46B Sit

List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Ala-dyno 7a Alta Embriaguez
Alta embriaguez 7a+ Alta Embriaguez
Bufo bufo 6c Alta Embriaguez
Choped 6b+ Still Young
El buen zagal 6c+ Still Young
El del Tridedo 7a 46b Sit
El doble péndulo 7a Four Rooms
Guet-apens 7a 46b Sit
L'etalon 7a 46b Sit
La proa 7a Four Rooms
La travesía de romos 7a El Bosque
Miserere 7c El Bosque
Problem 1 (Boulder A.Noroeste - Four Rooms) 4 Four Rooms
Problem 1 (Boulder A.Norte - Alta Embriaguez) 6a Alta Embriaguez
Problem 1 (Boulder A.Oeste - Four Rooms) 5 Four Rooms
Problem 1 (Boulder B.Este - El Bosque) 5+ El Bosque
Problem 1 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 3+ El Bosque
Problem 1 (Boulder H.Norte - 46B Sit) 6c 46b Sit
Problem 2 (Boulder A.Noroeste - Four Rooms) 5 Four Rooms
Problem 2 (Boulder A.Oeste - Four Rooms) 6b Four Rooms
Problem 2 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 5 El Bosque
Problem 2 (Boulder G, 46B Sit) 7a 46b Sit
Problem 3 (Boulder A.Noroeste - Four Rooms) 5+ Four Rooms
Problem 4 (Boulder A.Noroeste - Four Rooms) 6b Four Rooms
Problem 4 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 6a El Bosque
Problem 5 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 4+ El Bosque
Problem 6 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 5 El Bosque
Problem 7 (Boulder B.Sur - El Bosque) 6b El Bosque
Sexto deluxe 6c+ (sit) Alta Embriaguez
Swift was dead 7b 46b Sit
Trave de plat 6c Four Rooms
Travesía 5+ Alta Embriaguez