Red Rocks







List of Problems

Red Rocks
Red Rocks

List of Problems

Area overview

Red Rocks, a desert gem near Las Vegas, boasts beautiful sandstone boulders. Climbers flock here for its striking features, from slopers to crimps. Fall and winter provide the perfect conditions, making it a sought-after winter destination for bouldering enthusiasts.

Videos 96
Rock type Sandstone
Altitude 1127m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Black Velvet 1
Black Velvet Canyon 6
Calico Basin 5
Calico Basin Boulders 3
First Creek Canyon 1
First Pullout 2
Gateway Canyon 12
Kraft Boulders 36
Mustang Canyon 1
Oak Creek 3
Oak Creek Canyon 1
Oak Tree Canyon 1
Oak creeck Canyon 1
Pine Creek Canyon 1
Red Spring 6
Unknown 6
White Rock Spring 3
Willow Springs 8

List of Problems


White Rock Spring

Gateway Canyon

Red Spring

Kraft Boulders

First Pullout

Calico basin

Black Velvet Canyon

List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Adder Stone V10 Calico Basin Boulders
Alexisizer V6 Kraft Boulders
Angel Dyno V7 Kraft Boulders
Anthem V8 Mustang Canyon
Arete V5 Kraft Boulders
Astronomy V6 Oak Creek Canyon
B**ch Slap 5 V9 Gateway Canyon
B**ch Slap Left V8 Gateway Canyon
Book of Nightmares V11 Gateway Canyon
Bubble Butt V7 Kraft Boulders
Buried Alive V7 First Pullout
Campus problem V5 Gateway Canyon
Carapace V7 Oak creeck Canyon
Cocaine Biceps V4-5 Kraft Boulders
Cutters V9 Kraft Boulders
Divergent Spectrum V8 Unknown
Down the Line V8 Willow Springs
Drunken Monkey V8 (low) Oak Creek
Drunken Monkey V7 Oak Creek
Elaine V8 White Rock Spring
Face Plate V6 Willow Springs
Family Feud V10 Kraft Boulders
Fear of a Black Hat V9 Kraft Boulders
Freedom Fighter V7 (sit) Black Velvet Canyon
George V6 White Rock Spring
Heart and Sole V2 Kraft Boulders
Heart and Sole Left V2 Kraft Boulders
Heat V9 Unknown
In Our Time V8 Black Velvet Canyon
Innocent Exile V12 Calico Basin Boulders
Jabberwockey V9 Pine Creek Canyon
Jerry V6 White Rock Spring
Jones’n V4+ Kraft Boulders
King Troll V6 Unknown
Kraft Dinner Right V7 Kraft Boulders
Left V3 Black Velvet
Life Without Liberty V6 Gateway Canyon
Little Pony V5-6 Willow Springs
Margin of Error V10/11 First Pullout
Meadowlark Lemon Stand V13 Gateway Canyon
Memento Vitae V6 Gateway Canyon
Monkey Bar Direct V8 Kraft Boulders
Monkey Bar Right V6 Kraft Boulders
Monkey Bar Traverse V6 Kraft Boulders
Monkey Trench V9 Red Spring
Monkey Trench V9 Red Spring
Monkey Wrench V7 Red Spring
Monkey's Uncle V8 Kraft Boulders
Mr Moran V7 Gateway Canyon
Mr. Smiley V6 Calico Basin
Natasha's Highball V2 Black Velvet Canyon
Nut Dragger V9 Unknown
Ode to the Modern Mayor V9- Willow Springs
Oompa Loompa V5 Kraft Boulders
Orange Top Blue Sky V8 Kraft Boulders
Perked Up V2+ Kraft Boulders
Peruvian Flake V2 Willow Springs
Picasso V6 Calico Basin
Plumber’s Crack Traverse V10 Kraft Boulders
Potato Chips V2 Kraft Boulders
Pounding Sand V8 Gateway Canyon
Purple Haze V8 Red Spring
Red Wave V10 Red Spring
Right Face V6-7 Kraft Boulders
Sad Robot V9 Willow Springs
Salt is Salty V10 Willow Springs
Scare Tactics Direct V10 Kraft Boulders
Scare Tactics Right V9 Kraft Boulders
Snake Eyes V6 Kraft Boulders
Sorange V3 Kraft Boulders
Spittin Venom V8-9 Kraft Boulders
Sponge Worthy V10 Calico Basin Boulders
Spring Loaded V8 Calico Basin
Square Arete V6-7 Kraft Boulders
Stake Your Claim V10 Gateway Canyon
The Abstraction V8 Gateway Canyon
The Burro V7 Willow Springs
The Dirty Rail V7 Calico Basin
The Fountainhead V9 Black Velvet Canyon
The Harp V6 Unknown
The High Road V7 Red Spring
The Huck V5 Kraft Boulders
The Pearl V5 Kraft Boulders
The Prowler V5 Kraft Boulders
The Red Dragon V7 Black Velvet Canyon
The Shining Path V12 Unknown
The Wave V3 Kraft Boulders
The Wave Direct V3 Kraft Boulders
Thot Provoking V5 Kraft Boulders
Thuggish Ruggish V11 Black Velvet Canyon
Tickle Pickle V4 Calico Basin
Tilt Shift V9 Oak Tree Canyon
Tornado V6 Gateway Canyon
Urban Fervor V8 (low) First Creek Canyon
Vino Rojo V6 Kraft Boulders
Wasted Ape V10- Oak Creek
Welcome to Detroit V5- Kraft Boulders