List of Problems


List of Problems

Area overview

Located in South Africa, Rocklands is renowned for its stunning sandstone boulders. This bouldering paradise offers a wealth of pockets, crimps, and jugs, making it a favorite among climbers. The best time to visit is during the Southern Hemisphere's winter, ensuring excellent friction. Rocklands' fame stems from its world-class problems and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Videos 161
Rock type Sandstone
Altitude 848m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
8 Day Rain 10
8 Rain Day 5
Arch Valley 6
Area 15 1
Basic Instinct 2
Bonus Boulders 2
Campground 7
Cedar Rouge 3
Champsite 1
Close Plateau 4
Danger Zone 8
Dihedral Boulders 3
Eland 3
Far Plateau 3
Fields of Joy 2
Fortress 6
Kleinfonein 1
Kleinfontein 3
Last Day in Paradise 1
Nachorizma 1
Off the Road 1
Outback 1
Plateau 4
Powerlines 4
Rhino 1
Rhino Boulders 2
Riverside 2
Roadcrew 15
Roadkill Cafe 3
Roadside 17
Sassies 3
Tea Garden 4
The Aquaduct 1
The Coop 7
The French Side 1
The Gallery 2
The Otherside 1
The Realm 3
The Saddle 1
The Sassies 8
The Section 1
Twin Boulders 1
Unknown 2
Waterfall Boulders 1
Wave Rock and Big Grey Slab 1
Whiskey Station 1
Witness Valley 1

List of Problems




Arch Valley

Tea Garden





8 Rain Day

Roadkill Cafe


The Sassies

List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
A Question of Balance 7b Roadside
A Splash of Red 7c The Sassies
A tea with Elmarie 8a Campground
Air Star 8b Roadside
Amandla 8b+ Roadcrew
An Amal Roof 7b+ The Sassies
Antidote 8b The Coop
Armed Response 8a+ Fortress
Barracuda 8a 8 Day Rain
Basic Instinct 7c+ Basic Instinct
Battle of the skink 7b+ 8 Day Rain
Big little lies 8a Danger Zone
Black Eagle 8b+ Cedar Rouge
Black Shadow 8a+ Tea Garden
Black Slab Unknown Unknown
Black Velvet 8a Far Plateau
Bloody Mary 8b+ Dihedral Boulders
Bols Island 7a Rhino
Bone-Appetit 7a Outback
Born Into Struggle 7b+ Plateau
Bushwhacker 6c+ 8 Rain Day
Campari 6b Plateau
Caroline 7c+ Roadside
Cedar Spine 7c (sit) Unknown
Cinquieme Soleil 8a Waterfall Boulders
Clingon 8a The Aquaduct
Coal Chamber 6b+ Close Plateau
Cosmic Artifact 8+ The Gallery
Creaking Heights 6c Roadside
DJ Danger 7a+ Danger Zone
Derailed 8b 8 Rain Day
Director's Cunt 7a+ Arch Valley
Distance 7c The Coop
Double or Nothing 8a+ Whiskey Station
Dove Tongue Degresser 8a Eland
El corazon 8a+ Dihedral Boulders
Electric Copper 7c+ Bonus Boulders
Esoterrorist 6c+ Arch Valley
Eye of Sauron 7c+ The Realm
Flying Guitar Thief 8a 8 Day Rain
Fragile Steps 8b Fortress
Free Hugs 7a+ Roadkill Cafe
Fruchtzwerg 7c Close Plateau
Gamelan 6c Close Plateau
Gecko Walk 6c Roadside
Get Railed 8b+ Roadside
Ghost in the Darkness 7c+ The Sassies
Gliding through the waves like dolphins 8a Dihedral Boulders
Gogoan 8b Roadcrew
Golden Shadow 8b Roadcrew
Golden Virginia 7c+ 8 Day Rain
Good Hope 8b The Saddle
Green Mamba 8a Cedar Rouge
Hellfire 8a Roadkill Cafe
Herbie 7c Roadside
Hole in One 7c+ Arch Valley
Hot Zucchini 8a Danger Zone
In Between Dreams 8a+ Arch Valley
In the middle of the ass 8a Campground
Industry of Cool 8a+ 8 Rain Day
John Denver 7a Campground
Kasteelpoort 7c Fortress
King of Limbs 8b Cedar Rouge
Kingdom in the Sky 7c Champsite
Kings of Convenience 7c+ Roadcrew
L'Arête 7a+ Powerlines
L'arche (The Arch) 8a+/8b Campground
Last Day in Paradise 7c Last Day in Paradise
Law and Order 8a+ Danger Zone
Light Saber 8a+ Roadcrew
Lolita 7b Roadcrew
Maniac 7b Fields of Joy
Mask Off 7v+ The Realm
Maties 7a The Sassies
Microcline 8a+ Danger Zone
Minki 7b Far Plateau
Molly Percocet 8a The Realm
Monkey Wedding 8c Roadside
Monkey business 8a+ 8 Day Rain
Mooiste Meisie 8b Riverside
Moon Shadow 8b The Coop
Ménage à trois 8b+ The Coop
Night Sesh 7a+ Roadkill Cafe
Night Show 8a+ The Coop
Nut sack 8a+ Roadside
Nutsa 8a Roadside
Olifants dawn 8b+ Riverside
On the road again 7c Roadside
Oral Office 8a+ Roadside
Orange Heart 6c Roadcrew
Osteophyte 7a+ The Gallery
Out of Balance 8a Roadside
Overshadowed 7c+ Roadside
Pas de trois 8a Off the Road
Paula Abdul 7c+ The Sassies
Pendragon 8a Roadside
Perfect 6c+ Powerlines
Petrichor 8c Area 15
Pinotage 7c (sit) The Sassies
Poison Dwarf 7b Close Plateau
Purple Nipple Clan 8a Roadcrew
Quality Control 8a+ (low) Bonus Boulders
Rainbow Road 7c Basic Instinct
Ron Ron et Caramel 7c+ Campground
Røyksopp 7c+ Roadcrew
Sassy Squash 8a Eland
Sex Etiquette 6c Arch Valley
Shaky warrior 8b+ The Section
Shark Attack 7b Danger Zone
Short and Stout 7a+ The Sassies
Shosholoza 8a+ Sassies
Silky Natural 7a 8 Rain Day
Skink 7b 8 Day Rain
Sky 8b Kleinfontein
Slash and Burn 7b Twin Boulders
Soggy Teabag 7a+ Campground
Solar Power 7c+ Fields of Joy
Springbok 7a+ The Sassies
Stalker On the Horizon 7b+ Rhino Boulders
Strategic Balance 8a The Coop
Stretched and pressed 7c Fortress
Sublime 6c+ Powerlines
Sunset Arete 7c Roadside
Sunset Traverse 7a Roadside
Swallow Cave 8a 8 Day Rain
Tea-arch 7a+ Tea Garden
Tea-arch high 7c Tea Garden
Teagardenroof 7b+ Tea Garden
Teatime 7c Campground
Tennis Biscuit 7b+ 8 Rain Day
The Amphitheatre 8a The Otherside
The Art Project 8a Sassies
The Book Club 8b+ Nachorizma
The Bridge 7c Roadcrew
The Dark Side of the Sun 8a Sassies
The Escapist 8b Fortress
The Fin 7a Kleinfonein
The Finnish Line 8c The Coop
The Girlfriend's Problem 7a Kleinfontein
The Good Seed 7b+ Arch Valley
The Guest List 8b Eland
The Hatchling 8a Kleinfontein
The Hipster Whale 8b Danger Zone
The Power of One 8b Roadcrew
The Quintessential 8b 8 Day Rain
The Rhino 7b+ Rhino Boulders
The Shark 7c+ 8 Day Rain
The Worm Hole 7b Danger Zone
The prow 7a+ Powerlines
The vice 8b Fortress
Throw yourself away 7c Far Plateau
Timeout 8a+ (sit) 8 Day Rain
Tomorrow I Will Be Gone 7c Roadcrew
Tu seras un homme mon fils 6b The French Side
Txiki 8a+ Roadcrew
Ubuntu 8b Wave Rock and Big Grey Slab
Umbuli 8a Roadcrew
Weichei 7c Plateau
When the Day Breaks 7b Roadcrew
Witness the sickness 8a Witness Valley
Zanzibar 7a+ Plateau