List of Problems


List of Problems

Area overview

Tramway in California is a renowned bouldering destination known for its exceptional granite rock formations. Located in the San Jacinto Mountains, it offers a mix of challenging problems and scenic views. Its popularity stems from the crisp, high-desert climate and the unique granite features.

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Rock type Granite
Altitude 2631m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Unknown 41

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Angry Beaver V8 Unknown
Angus V9 Unknown
Aquaman V4 Unknown
Barefoot Sharma Arete V8 Unknown
Black Flame V10 Unknown
Blue Flame V7 Unknown
Buck Rogers V2 Unknown
Bush Pilot V8 Unknown
Crack-O-Pop V5 Unknown
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon V7 Unknown
Don’s Dyno V5-6 Unknown
Ebonic woman V3 Unknown
Emerald City V0 Unknown
Feels Like a Virgin V3 Unknown
Green Hornet V5 Unknown
Green Peace V10 (sit) Unknown
Green Peace V8 Unknown
House Kung Fu V5-6 Unknown
Jug Roof Left V3 Unknown
Left gold crack V3 Unknown
Malcomb V6 Unknown
Methane V5 Unknown
My Infested Destiny V7 Unknown
Paper Dragon V10 Unknown
Paul Rocks V4 Unknown
Rufus V5 Unknown
Science Friction V10 Unknown
Sea of Tranquility V1 Unknown
Shades of Oldschool V2 Unknown
Slot Machine V6 Unknown
Soul Caliber V9 Unknown
Soul Shine V10 Unknown
Standing on the head of a dragon V4 Unknown
Sunshine Daydream V4 Unknown
Swing Dance V7 Unknown
The Cube V5 Unknown
Tramslot Traverse V7 Unknown
Tri Nitro Toulumne V5 Unknown
Unitizing The G V8 Unknown
White Flight V3 Unknown
Year of The Cat V9-10 Unknown