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Västervik, located in Sweden, is celebrated for its granite rock that offers a variety of bouldering opportunities. This coastal area is well-known for its picturesque setting, where climbers can enjoy both seaside and forested routes. Västervik's popularity lies in its granite formations, making it an appealing destination year-round.

Videos 15
Rock type Granite

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List of 6 Sectors of Västervik Boulder

Name Problems
Björnblocket 2
Fruberget 8
Marstrand 1
Mommehål 2
Rödaväggen 1
Vo 1

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List of 15 Problems in Video of Västervik Boulder

Name Grade Sector
6a+ Vo
6b Fruberget
6b+ Fruberget
6b Fruberget
7a Rödaväggen
6a Fruberget
6c Fruberget
7c Mommehål
6c Fruberget
4+ Fruberget
7b+ Mommehål
8a Marstrand
6a Fruberget
8b (sit) Björnblocket
7b+ Björnblocket