Yosemite Valley







List of Problems

Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley

List of Problems

Area overview

Yosemite Valley, nestled in California, is world-famous for its massive granite cliffs, making it an iconic destination for bouldering. This area's reputation is built on the awe-inspiring rock formations and the challenging routes that attract climbers from all over the globe. Yosemite Valley is a year-round haven for boulderers, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Videos 74
Rock type Granite
Altitude 1240m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Ahwahnee Boulders 1
Bridalveil 4
Camp 4 17
Candyland 3
Cathedral Boulders 3
Curry Village 4
Happy Isles 3
Hapy Isles 2
Highway 140 Generator Boulders 2
Housekeeping 7
Intersection 2
Riverside Block 1
Sentinel Boulders 1
The Crumbs 2
The Crystals 1
The Garden 2
Unknown 18
Woodyard 1

List of Problems



Camp 4

List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
180 Degree Arete V6 Unknown
A Primate’s Memoir V6 The Garden
Across the Tracks V10 Unknown
All start movie mantel V1 Camp 4
Ataturk V5 Bridalveil
Atlantis V5 Intersection
Atlantis V6 (low) Intersection
Balance of Opposites V7 Unknown
Battle of the Bulge V6 Camp 4
Big Bessey V9 Unknown
Big Present V9 Hapy Isles
Bipolar V7 The Crumbs
Black Widow V8 The Garden
Bridalveil Pogo V7 Bridalveil
Bridge to nowhere V8 Bridalveil
Bruce Lee V8 Camp 4
Budokan V10 Unknown
Chapman overhang V1 Camp 4
Cocaine Corner V5 Camp 4
Cookie Monster V7 Unknown
Cranium crusher V3 Housekeeping
Crossroads Moe V6 Bridalveil
Flatline V8 Unknown
Good Vibrations V10 Unknown
Greener Pastures V10 (sit) Unknown
Heart of Darkness V9 Unknown
Hit Man V5 Camp 4
Honor Among Thieves V7 Camp 4
Honor Among Thieves V9 (sit) Camp 4
Hug a rock V0 Camp 4
Karate V8 Riverside Block
Kor Problem V3 Camp 4
Marco's traverse V1 Camp 4
Midnight Lightning V8 Camp 4
Montezuma's Revenge Right V9 Unknown
No Holds Bard V7 Sentinel Boulders
Octagon Traverse V8 Cathedral Boulders
Orange Fever V7 Happy Isles
Orange Fever V10 Hapy Isles
Panic Room V9 Curry Village
Pine Box V10 Happy Isles
Plenty of Fish V7 Unknown
Problem 11 (Camp 4) V3 Camp 4
Problem 14 (Housekeeping), V0 V0 Housekeeping
Problem 20 (Housekeeping) V3 Housekeeping
Problem 35 (Camp 4) V4 Camp 4
Problem 40 (Camp 4) V3 Camp 4
Problem 6 (Housekeeping) V4 Housekeeping
Problem 9 (Housekeeping) V4- Housekeeping
Problem Unknown (Curry village) Unknown Curry village
Purple Barrel V8 Housekeeping
Raven Haired Woman V14 Happy Isles
Root Canal V7 Curry Village
Rubik's Revenge V7 Unknown
Silent Spotter V6 Ahwahnee Boulders
Slice of life V7 Unknown
So Good V5 Cathedral Boulders
Spock Direct V8 Unknown
Stream of Being V8 Highway 140 Generator Boulders
Teenage Mutant Ninja Gerbils V9 Woodyard
The Diamond V8 Candyland
The Diamond Direct V10 Candyland
The Force V9 Camp 4
The Happening V10 The Crystals
The James Lucas Memorial Arête Problem V3 Candyland
The Rift V8 The Crumbs
The Squirrel V7 Cathedral Boulders
Too Big to Fail V10 Unknown
Torque V7 Housekeeping
Torque Spanner V8 Camp 4
Unknown Arete V5 Unknown
Where the sidewalk ends V8 Highway 140 Generator Boulders
Zodiac V10 Unknown
Zorro V4 Curry Village