List of Problems


List of Problems

Area overview

Brione, in the Swiss Alps, is a bouldering paradise known for its high-quality gneiss rock. It offers superb friction and a stunning alpine backdrop. With over 400 problems, Brione caters to climbers of all levels. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall months.

Videos 120
Rock type Gneiss
Altitude 740m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Atlantis 6
Ballerman 8
Black Pearl 4
Brionesque - Amber 8
Chiossetto 1
Frogger 4
Fulcrum 15
Ganne 42
Kubalik 3
Lavertezzo - Ai Poss 2
Limited Edition 1
Molonk 4
Pamplemousse 5
Pianesc 7
Pièe 2
Salamandre 4
Vecchio Leone 4

List of Problems


Vecchio Leone

Black Pearl









Vecchio Leone

Brionesque - Amber






Limited Edition

List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
9th power 7B+ Pianesc
Acqua santa 6a+ Ganne
All I want for Christmas 8a+/b Brionesque - Amber
Amber 8a+/8b Brionesque - Amber
Anime Planet 7a Ballerman
Apollo 8a Atlantis
Atlantis 7c Atlantis
Australian Open 7b+ Brionesque - Amber
Bach bloc 7b+ Ganne
Ballermann 7b+ Ballerman
Beach boys 8a Lavertezzo - Ai Poss
Beast 8a Fulcrum
Benvenuti in placca 7b Fulcrum
Big 8 7c Pianesc
Bisex 6c Ganne
Bishop 6b+ Ganne
Black Miror 6b+ Pianesc
Black Pearl 7c+ Black Pearl
Black arete 7c Pièe
Blinded by the light 8B Salamandre
Brasil 7a Atlantis
Brione arete 6b Pianesc
Canarini svolazzanti 5 Ganne
Casavino 8b+ Ganne
Cellar door 8a Pianesc
Chesnut five 7a+ Ganne
Chocolate horse 7a Ganne
Clean climb 6b Fulcrum
Collaboration 8a Ganne
Contro tendenza 8a Ganne
Darkness 8A+ Ganne
Darkness Right 7C Ganne
Disney production 8a/+ Pianesc
Django 7b+ Chiossetto
Dosage jump 6c+ Pamplemousse
Dosage left 7a Pamplemousse
Echoes 8a+ Ballerman
Ellis island 8a Ganne
Entwash 8a Ganne
Extra 6b Molonk
FA cup 7b+ Kubalik
Fabri Fibra 8a+ Pamplemousse
Fake pamplemousse 8a Frogger
Flash Flood 8b Frogger
Flash off 6b Kubalik
Forever More 8a Ganne
Forever green 6c+ Fulcrum
Frank Morris 7b Ganne
Frogger 8a Frogger
Fuco di paglia 8a+ (8b in guide) Ganne
Fulcrum Direct 8a+ Fulcrum
Ganymede takeover 8a+ Frogger
General Disarray 8b Ganne
Half moon bay 7a+ Ballerman
Hip-Hop gone wild 7a+ Pianesc
Humphrey Bogart 8a+ Ganne
Humphrey Bogart Direct 7c Ganne
Il leviatano 6a+ Ganne
Il paradiso dei cani 7c+ Ganne
Ita 6b Fulcrum
Jock of the bushveld 7c+ Fulcrum
Just Toe It 7A+ Atlantis
King slab 6a+ Ganne
Kubalik 8b Kubalik
L'orso Voga 6c+ Ganne
La brionesque 8a Brionesque - Amber
La gloire 6a+ Fulcrum
La manovra 6c Ganne
La piattosa 6b Ganne
La planche 7c+ Ballerman
La sfinge 7b Black Pearl
La vie en rose 6b Lavertezzo - Ai Poss
La vince 7b Ganne
Lapsus 6b+ Fulcrum
Manicure 6b Ganne
Manson 8a Ganne
Marilyn Monroe 8a Ganne
Mister Orange 7a+ Pièe
Molonk 7c Molonk
Nael 6b Ganne
Nike 8b Atlantis
Oblivion 7a Brionesque - Amber
Oggi jump 6b Molonk
Onda rosa 7b Black Pearl
Orange county 7c+ Pamplemousse
Pamplemousse 7c+ Pamplemousse
Pause cervelas 8a Ganne
Picnic boulder 7b Ganne
Ponk 8a Vecchio Leone
Pro touch traverse low 7a Ballerman
Randy's slab 7b Ganne
Resa immediata 6b Black Pearl
Right angle 5+ Fulcrum
Right of Molonk 7a+ Molonk
Salamandre 8a+ Salamandre
Side effect 8a Ganne
Slow Down 8a Brionesque - Amber
Small Step Big Change 8b Salamandre
Soft touch 6b Ballerman
Special Edition 8a+ (sit) Limited Edition
Speedy Pizza 8a/+ Ganne
Spoonerism 8a+ Ganne
Squalo in faccia 7a Fulcrum
Supertussi 8b Atlantis
Switcher 7c+ Fulcrum
Terranova 7c Ganne
The Dead Terrorist 7b+ Ganne
The fulcrum 8a+ Fulcrum
The impossible reta 7b+ Ganne
There is no spoon 7a+ Ganne
Tu vuò fa l'americano 8a Brionesque - Amber
Twice 7a Vecchio Leone
Uela lì 6a+ Brionesque - Amber
Vecchio Leone 8b+/c Vecchio Leone
Vecchio Leone 8B Vecchio Leone
Versace 8B Ballerman
West and girls 7a Salamandre
Wie im Urlaub 7c+ Ganne
Yoga Roof 7c Fulcrum
Zio Fester 7B Fulcrum