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Bouldering in Cimaganda

Cimaganda, situated in Italy's Valchiavenna region, is a bouldering destination known for its stunning granite boulders. This picturesque valley offers climbers a good range of challenges set against a backdrop of lush forests and serene alpine meadows. The boulders are spread across multiple sectors such as Pratone and Sasso della Croce, providing a variety of problems that cater to all skill levels. Climbers are particularly drawn to Cimaganda for its excellent friction and the unique texture of its granite, which makes for an engaging and enjoyable climbing experience.

The best seasons to visit Cimaganda are during the spring and fall when the weather conditions are ideal for bouldering. The cooler temperatures and dry conditions enhance the climbing experience, providing optimal friction on the granite surfaces. Additionally, the scenic beauty of the region, with its verdant landscapes and peaceful atmosphere, adds to the allure of this bouldering haven. The area's accessibility from nearby towns like Chiavenna and the support from local climbing communities make Cimaganda a must-visit destination for climbing enthusiasts looking for both adventure and tranquility in the Italian Alps​.

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Rock type Granite
Altitude 927m

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List of 5 Sectors of Cimaganda Boulder

Name Problems
Blocfest 1
Gaggio 1
Pratone 2
Sasso della croce 2
Unknown 17

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Name Grade Sector
7c+ Unknown
7b+ Unknown
7b Sasso della croce
7a Blocfest
7c+/8a Unknown
7a/+ Unknown
6c Unknown
7a+ Unknown
7a+ Unknown
7a+ Unknown
7b Unknown
7a Unknown
7c Pratone
7b Unknown
7a Unknown
7b+/c Sasso della croce
7a Unknown
Unknown Unknown
7c/c+ Unknown
7a+ Unknown
7c Gaggio
7c Unknown
7a+ Pratone