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Silvretta, situated in the Austrian Alps, offers a stunning bouldering experience on gneiss rock. This iconic area is known for its breathtaking alpine scenery and challenging problems. Climbers flock here in summer when conditions are ideal for tackling the high-quality boulders.

Videos 32
Rock type Unknown

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List of 11 Sectors of Silvretta Boulder

Name Problems
Anam Cara 2
Falsche Götter 1
Golden Gate 5
Jamrock 1
Outlands 2
Palm Beach 9
Schuh des Manitu 2
Sekten 4
Steinblock 3
Super Crack 2
Unknown 1

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List of 32 Problems in Video of Silvretta Boulder

Name Grade Sector
7b+ Palm Beach
7b Golden Gate
7c Golden Gate
7c+ Anam Cara
8a/8a+ Outlands
7b+ Golden Gate
8a Steinblock
7c+ Falsche Götter
7a+ Jamrock
8a+ Steinblock
7a Sekten
8b+ Unknown
8b Palm Beach
7c+ Sekten
7b Sekten
7b+ Palm Beach
7c Golden Gate
8a+ Palm Beach
8a+ Golden Gate
8a Palm Beach
7a Super Crack
7c+/8a Palm Beach
8a+ Outlands
6c+ Schuh des Manitu
8a Steinblock
7c/+ Palm Beach
7a+ Schuh des Manitu
7a Super Crack
8a Palm Beach
8a+ Anam Cara
6b Sekten
7c/+ Palm Beach