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Bouldering in Ailefroide

Ailefroide, nestled in the French High Alps, is an alpine paradise renowned for its formidable granite boulders and stunning mountain scenery. This charming village, located at an altitude of approximately 1600 meters, is a premier bouldering destination that offers a diverse range of problems, from technical slabs to highball challenges. Climbers are drawn to Ailefroide for its variety of bouldering sectors, such as Chaos de Pelvoux and La Steppe, which provide routes suitable for all skill levels.

The best time to visit Ailefroide is during the summer months, when the weather conditions are ideal for climbing. The area is not only known for its exceptional bouldering opportunities but also for its tranquil alpine setting, which offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. The combination of high-quality granite, a wide array of challenging problems, and breathtaking scenery makes Ailefroide a must-visit destination for climbing enthusiasts. The nearby village provides essential amenities, including camping facilities and climbing shops, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay​​.

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Rock type Granite
Altitude 1528m

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List of 13 Sectors of Ailefroide Boulder

Name Problems
Entraygues - Plage 2
Glacier noir 2
La Plaque 6
Le Pavé 5
Les Cahutes 7
Manu 01 1
Manu 02 4
Philémon 1
Pont 1
Steppe 4
Surprise du Chef 8
Sybille 1
Unknown 4

List of Playlists from Ailefroide Boulder


La Plaque

Le Pavé

Les Cahutes


Surprise du Chef

List of 46 Problems in Video of Ailefroide Boulder

Name Grade Sector
8a Unknown
8a Surprise du Chef
7a Les Cahutes
7b (sit) Le Pavé
6b Surprise du Chef
6b Les Cahutes
7c Manu 02
8a (sit) Manu 02
7b+ Steppe
7c+ (sit) Steppe
8a Unknown
7c+ (low) Manu 01
7a+ Les Cahutes
7b Philémon
7c Surprise du Chef
7b+ Steppe
7a (sit) Surprise du Chef
7c+ Sybille
8a Les Cahutes
7b Steppe
7c Les Cahutes
8a Manu 02
7a+ Le Pavé
7b+ Pont
6c+ Unknown
7a+ Glacier noir
6a+ Surprise du Chef
7b+ Glacier noir
4+ Surprise du Chef
8a (sit) La Plaque
7b La Plaque
7a Unknown
8b Les Cahutes
7c+ (sit) Manu 02
7b (sit) Entraygues - Plage
7a (sit) Entraygues - Plage
7a Le Pavé
7b Le Pavé
7c+ La Plaque
7c La Plaque
7c+ La Plaque
7c+ Surprise du Chef
7a+ La Plaque
7b Le Pavé
8a Surprise du Chef
7a Les Cahutes