11 Bouldering Areas in France

Bouldering in France

France boasts a rich and diverse bouldering scene, with Fontainebleau standing as a global icon and often hailed as one of the best bouldering areas worldwide. Known for its extensive sandstone forest, Fontainebleau offers thousands of boulder problems, catering to various climbing styles and skill levels.

Beyond Fontainebleau, France features other notable bouldering destinations such as Targasonne in the Pyrenees which presents granite boulders with slabs, and overhangs, offering climbers a wide range of grades.

Le Prieure near Montpellier provides Fontainebleau-style sandstone bouldering in a scenic oak forest. For those seeking a coastal experience, Kerlouan on the northwestern tip of France offers sandy beaches and granite boulders. Additionally, various sandstone bouldering areas are scattered around cities like Reims, Strasbourg, and Lyon, offering smaller yet quality climbing experiences in peaceful environments.

France's bouldering landscape showcases a harmonious blend of natural beauty and challenging rock formations, making it a sought-after destination for climbers of all levels seeking diverse and memorable experiences.


List of 11 Bouldering Areas





La Capelle




Pont de Camps