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Burguillo, located in Spain, is a bouldering paradise famous for its granite rock formations and scenic beauty. Climbers are drawn to its impressive overhangs, crimps, and slopers. Best explored during the cooler seasons, it's a popular destination for those seeking a mix of challenging bouldering and natural splendor.

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Rock type Granite

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Name Problems
Unknown 1
Valle - El deseado 1
Valle - Familia Iskariote 2
Valle - Linea de fuga 6

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Name Grade Sector
7b Unknown
6b+ Valle - Linea de fuga
5 Valle - Linea de fuga
6c Valle - El deseado
5 Valle - Linea de fuga
5 Valle - Linea de fuga
7b (sit) Valle - Familia Iskariote
7a Valle - Familia Iskariote
6b Valle - Linea de fuga
6a Valle - Linea de fuga