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Located in California, Columbia bouldering area is renowned for its impressive limestone formations. Bouldering enthusiasts are drawn to its iconic problems and diverse range of features, including cracks and slopers. The area's popularity stems from its accessibility and a climate that makes climbing possible year-round.

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Rock type Limestone

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List of 6 Sectors of Columbia Boulder

Name Problems
Columbia College 4
Labyrinth 3
Lower Arb 1
Lower Arboretum 7
Unknown 3
Upper Arboretum 2

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Name Grade Sector
V5 Unknown
V6 Upper Arboretum
V8 Labyrinth
V7 Columbia College
V7 Lower Arboretum
V8 Lower Arboretum
V10 Upper Arboretum
V9 Unknown
V9 Columbia College
V10 Lower Arboretum
V8 Lower Arboretum
V9 Lower Arboretum
V10 Columbia College
V8 Labyrinth
V8 Labyrinth
V11 Unknown
V7 Columbia College
V8 Lower Arboretum
V8 Lower Arboretum
V8 (sit) Lower Arb