56 Bouldering Areas in United States of America

Bouldering in United States of America

Bouldering in the United States offers enthusiasts a diverse and extensive range of opportunities, with numerous iconic bouldering destinations showcasing breathtaking landscapes and challenging problems. From the granite formations of California to the sandstone boulders in the Southeast, the U.S. boasts world-class bouldering areas.

Bouldering hotspots like Joe's Valley in Utah, Bishop in California, and Hueco Tanks in Texas are renowned for their unique rock formations and high-quality boulder problems.

Other notable locations include the granite wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the sandstone challenges of Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, and the picturesque settings of Leavenworth in Washington.

Climbers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, can find suitable challenges and picturesque environments throughout the country. Whether it's the technical climbs of Joshua Tree or the powerful sandstone slopers of Horse Pens 40 in Alabama, each bouldering area offers a unique adventure.


List of 16 States

Name Areas
Pennsylvania 3
Tennessee 2
Alabama 1
Georgia 1
Texas 1
Colorado 6
Montana 1
Utah 6
Nevada 1
Washington 4
Oregon 1
California 24
Arizona 1
Wyoming 1
Idaho 1
New York 1

List of 56 Bouldering Areas


Black Mountain

Buttermilk Country


Castle Rock State Park

City of Rocks

Coal Creek




Folsom Lake

Fort Ross

Gold Bar

Governor Stable

Guanella Pass


Happy Boulders

Haycock Mountain

Horse Pens 40

Hueco Tanks



Joe's Valley

Joshua Tree

June Lake

Kings Canyon

Lake Tahoe


Lincoln Lake

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Malibu Tunnel Boulders

Mickey's Beach


Moe's Valley

Mount Tamalpais

Mount Woodson

Mt Evans

Priest Draw

Red Rocks


Rock Creek


Sad Boulders

Salt Point

Santa Barbara


Sonoma County

Stone Fort, LRC/Little Rock City

The Rock Shop


Tuolumne Meadows


Way Lake

Yankee Jim

Yosemite Valley

Zion National Park