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Bouldering in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in California draws climbers with high-quality granite and diverse routes. It's popular in spring and fall, providing diverse challenges and a scenic outdoor experience.

Videos 116
Rock type Granite
Altitude 1904m

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List of 50 Sectors of Lake Tahoe Boulder

Name Problems
Beavers 10
Benwood Meadows 2
Boreal 1
Burnside Lake 1
Camouflage Forest 1
Caples Lake 2
Castle Boulder 3
Castle Peak 2
Christmas Valley 2
Coldstream Canyon 6
Deer Creek Park 1
Dl Bliss 2
Donner/Truckee 4
Donner/Truckee - Castle Peak 1
Donner/Truckee - Eagle Lakes 1
Donner/Truckee - Rainbow 3
Donner/Truckee - Summit Lake 1
Eagle Creek Canyon 2
Echo Summit - Camouflage Forest 1
Echoland 5
Erratica 5
Firestones 1
Hate Handles 1
Hope Valley 1
Kirkwood 1
Kirkwood Lake 1
Lake Audrain 2
Lost World 1
Luther Pass 1
Markleeville 1
Meyers 4
Mineral Bar 4
Phantom Spires 5
Pie Shop 4
Prison Hill 1
Rainbow 1
Ronin 1
Soda Springs 1
Stud Garden 1
Sugar Pine 1
Sugarloaf 5
Summit Lake 2
The Freaks 1
The Platinum Boulders 3
The Saddles 4
Unknown 2
Voodoo Stones 2
Woodfords Canyon 2
Woods Lake 3
Zephyrs 2

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List of 115 Problems in Video of Lake Tahoe Boulder

Name Grade Sector
V9 Donner/Truckee - Rainbow
V9 Beavers
V7 Castle Boulder
V10 Beavers
V9 Echoland
V9 (sit) Kirkwood Lake
V8 Beavers
V5 Meyers
V7 Sugarloaf
V9 Luther Pass
V8 Boreal
V8 Castle Peak
V9 The Platinum Boulders
V8 Coldstream Canyon
V10 Erratica
V9 (sit) Mineral Bar
V7 Phantom Spires
V8 Castle Boulder
V8 Woods Lake
V7 Woods Lake
V9 Beavers
V9 Dl Bliss
V9 Echoland
V6 Beavers
V9 Unknown
V10 Lost World
V10 Pie Shop
V8 Sugar Pine
V9 Ronin
V8 Donner/Truckee - Castle Peak
V8 Echoland
V9 Coldstream Canyon
V10 The Platinum Boulders
V7 Donner/Truckee - Eagle Lakes
V8 Unknown
V9 Benwood Meadows
V7 Caples Lake
V9 Voodoo Stones
V5 Pie Shop
V8 Soda Springs
V8 Donner/Truckee - Rainbow
V6 Donner/Truckee
V9 (sit) Donner/Truckee - Summit Lake
V10 Erratica
V9 (sit) Lake Audrain
V9 Donner/Truckee
V5 Erratica
V9 Meyers
V3 Dl Bliss
V9 Hate Handles
V10 Meyers
V7 Camouflage Forest
V9 The Saddles
V10 Firestones
V8 Coldstream Canyon
V9 (sit) Zephyrs
V7 Summit Lake
V10 (sit) The Saddles
V5 Woodfords Canyon
V9 (low) Echoland
V10 (sit) Phantom Spires
V4 Rainbow
V10 Coldstream Canyon
V8 Sugarloaf
V9 (low) Sugarloaf
V8 The Freaks
V8 Eagle Creek Canyon
V4-5 Eagle Creek Canyon
V7 Zephyrs
V7 Sugarloaf
V9 Pie Shop
V8 Castle Boulder
V10 Sugarloaf
V9 Beavers
V8 Prison Hill
V9 Mineral Bar
V10 (low) Voodoo Stones
V9 Kirkwood
V4 Donner/Truckee
V5 Woodfords Canyon
V10 Phantom Spires
V8 Phantom Spires
V10 Markleeville
V9 Mineral Bar
V8 Donner/Truckee - Rainbow
V9 Coldstream Canyon
V10 The Platinum Boulders
V8 Deer Creek Park
V9 Benwood Meadows
V9 Burnside Lake
V8 Lake Audrain
V8 The Saddles
V9 Phantom Spires
V6 The Saddles
V6 Donner/Truckee
V10 Stud Garden
V5 (sit) Christmas Valley
V9 Summit Lake
V9 Castle Peak
V8 Beavers
V9 Echoland
V5 Pie Shop
V6 Meyers
V10 Mineral Bar
V6 Erratica
V9 Caples Lake
V11 Hope Valley
V10 (sit) Beavers
V7 Beavers
V11 Coldstream Canyon
V8 Erratica
V6 Beavers
V8 Echo Summit - Camouflage Forest
V7 Christmas Valley
V8 Woods Lake