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Happy Boulders, situated in California's picturesque Eastern Sierra, is famous for its high-quality volcanic boulders and an ideal climate for climbing throughout the year. With its friendly atmosphere and numerous classic problems, it's a popular choice for boulderers of all levels.

Videos 39
Rock type Volcanic

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List of 11 Sectors of Happy Boulders Boulder

Name Problems
Cenral Happiness 1
Central Happiness 2
Central Happiness Area 2
East Rim Area 4
Slow Dance/Gleaner 5
SlowDance 1
Split Melon 2
Tom Peter's Slab 1
Unknown 12
West Rim 7
West Rim Area 2

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List of 39 Problems in Video of Happy Boulders Boulder

Name Grade Sector
V9 (sit) Slow Dance/Gleaner
V9 Slow Dance/Gleaner
V6 East Rim Area
V6 East Rim Area
V3 East Rim Area
V4 Unknown
V0 Central Happiness Area
V6 West Rim
V7 West Rim
V7 Unknown
V8 West Rim
V1 Central Happiness Area
V9 (sit) Unknown
V7 Slow Dance/Gleaner
V4 Unknown
V11 Slow Dance/Gleaner
V2 Unknown
V9 Slow Dance/Gleaner
V2 Unknown
V6 Unknown
V3 SlowDance
V7+ West Rim
V5 West Rim
V7 West Rim Area
V10 (sit) Central Happiness
V7 Central Happiness
V5 West Rim Area
V5 Unknown
V9 Tom Peter's Slab
V10 Unknown
V4 Cenral Happiness
V5 (direct) Split Melon
V5 (left) Split Melon
V10 Unknown
V4 East Rim Area
V5 Unknown
V6 Unknown
V7 West Rim
V9 West Rim