List of Problems


List of Problems

Area overview

Gottardo, located in Switzerland, boasts striking granite boulders that challenge climbers with a variety of holds, including delicate slopers and technical crimps. The area comes alive during the spring and summer, making it a must-visit for bouldering enthusiasts.

Videos 65
Rock type Granite
Altitude 2149m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Dark side 7
Ecastasy 1
Ecstasy 7
Fass 90 1
Il cecchino 4
Loch Ness 1
Mushroom tunnel 5
Parking 2
Scary Christmas 5
Shark 6
Suworow 17
Unknown 6
X-Sector 3

List of Problems



Loch Ness

Scary Christmas

Dark side


Mushroom tunnel



Il cecchino


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
Alan Parson project 7a Suworow
Alinghi 6c Dark side
Atahualpa 7c Suworow
Banda Bassoti 6c Dark side
Bonjour Finesse 8b Unknown
Brain Damage 8b Suworow
Breaking Back 7b+ Suworow
Caff├ę, croissants et gourmandise 7c+ Suworow
Car pool 7a+ Shark
Collegebrock 4+ Ecstasy
Colpo di fulmine 8a Suworow
Dark side of the moon 7c+ Dark side
Dark side of the moon 8a (sit) Dark side
Diabolik 7c Shark
Drago rosso 6c Parking
Eckzimmer 8b X-Sector
Ecstasy 6c+ Ecstasy
El Toro 8a+ Suworow
Eris quod sum 7b X-Sector
Eva Kant 7c+ Shark
FlipFlopShop 6a Fass 90
Golden Power 7c+ Suworow
Goldrake 6b Suworow
Gratulescion 5 Ecstasy
Hazel Grace 8b+ Loch Ness
Herr Zimmerli 7b Mushroom tunnel
Homo mouse 7c Scary christmas
Il marocchino 7a+ Scary Christmas
Imagine 8a Unknown
Kingda Ka 8a+ Ecstasy
Korsakow 7a Suworow
L'edile 7a Parking
Lievant├╣ 6c+ Il cecchino
Lo stretto indispensabile 8a+ Suworow
Lucy 8a Dark side
Margaret 6c Dark side
Mayoko 6b Il cecchino
Mior 8b Suworow
Nangaparbat Nordostkante 7a+ X-Sector
Pane e cioccolato 7b Mushroom tunnel
Patak's 4 Ecstasy
Pentagram 6a+ Ecstasy
Pol Pot 5 Dark side
Pollicino 8a Unknown
Postan 500 6c+ Scary Christmas
Problem 1 (Boulder, Il cecchino) 5+ Il cecchino
Problem 3 (Boulder 4, Il cecchino) 4+ Il cecchino
Rosa maialino 8a Shark
Santa Claus 8a Unknown
Scary Christmas 8a Scary Christmas
Shark zone 6c+ Shark
Signor "G" 7c Mushroom tunnel
Silence 8a Mushroom tunnel
Sissy dog 8a Suworow
Stairway to heaven 8b+ Unknown
Standing ovation 7a Suworow
Steini Christmas 8a Scary Christmas
Super Tramp 7b+ Suworow
Suworow 7b+ Suworow
Suworow direct 7c+ Suworow
Swiss Corner 7c (sit) Ecstasy
The Witch 8a+/b Unknown
Time machine 7b Shark
Trieste-Gottardo 7c+ Ecastasy
Vaffa un mental 7a Mushroom tunnel