List of Problems


List of Problems

Area overview

Squamish, located in British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for its breathtaking granite boulders that offer an array of features, from crimps to slopers. It's a world-famous destination, attracting climbers from all corners of the globe. The best season for bouldering in Squamish is typically spring and summer.

Videos 53
Rock type Granite
Altitude 173m

List of Problems

List of Problems

Name Problems
Apron Boulders 5
Grand Wall 8
Murrin Park 1
North Wall 3
Unknown 35

List of Problems


List of Problems

Name Grade Sector
ATD V7 Unknown
Agoraphobia V11 Grand Wall
Alien Skull V5 Apron Boulders
American Gigolo V3 Grand Wall
Anatomy Lessons V3 Unknown
Autobody V8 Unknown
Black Mark V4 North Wall
Close Shave V7 Unknown
Crackhead V3 Unknown
Cradle Robber Light V6 Unknown
Dead Sea to Israelia V10 Unknown
Deadlift V14 Unknown
Defender of the Faith V9 Unknown
Detached Flake V1 North Wall
Easy In An Easy Chair V4 Unknown
Encore une Fois V11 Grand Wall
Gibb's Cave V8 Unknown
Golden Boy V7 Unknown
Heartbreak Hotel V4 Grand Wall
It's About Time V5 Unknown
John Rocker V6 Grand Wall
Lizard Skull V1 Apron Boulders
Majestic V6 Unknown
Missing Reaction V8 Unknown
Missing in Action V7 Murrin Park
Mr. Bigglesworth Low V10 Unknown
Palminator V4 Unknown
Physics Hyperbole V9 Unknown
Portable Mantle V4 Unknown
Prime Time V5 (sit) Unknown
Progression in Backward Thinking V9 Unknown
Ramen Raw V7 Unknown
Re-up V5 North Wall
Recoil V6 Apron Boulders
Resurrection V9 Unknown
Send the Pain Below V10 Unknown
Shelter V13 Unknown
Shots Fired V4 Apron Boulders
Space Monkey V5 Unknown
Space Robber V6 Unknown
Swank Stretch V5 Unknown
Tatonka V9 Unknown
The Egg V11 Grand Wall
The Fuzz V7 Unknown
The Perfect Cave V11 Grand Wall
The Sickle V3 Apron Boulders
The Tugger V6 Unknown
Timeless V5 Unknown
Titanic V3 Grand Wall
Trad Killer V4 Unknown
Wafer Decker V6 Unknown
Worm World Cave Low V10 Unknown